About us

URBN PR is the agency for PR and marketing in the Benelux for the representation of your city. With an extensive experience in the field of online and offline city promotions combined with a tailored marketing strategy, URBN PR makes sure your city will be placed in the desired target group.

We are a dedicated team with extensive knowledge of cities all around the world. We visit each of our clients on an annual basis to ensure we are up to date on their latest developments a. We are extremely passionate about cities and we believe in the power of online and social media. Each destination requires a unique promotional approach. To achieve this approach, URBN PR developed easy to stack services. With these easy to combine URBN PR services, you’re able to quickly and cost effectively create your own ultimate PR and marketing approach.

URBNP PR is an established Marketing-PR agency with the head-office in Amsterdam and a representing office in Berlin. We have a network full of relevant contacts, journalists, tour operators, MICE organizers.  In order to have the best possible fit for your needs regarding your PR and marketing strategy, you can create your own PR URBN Services Package. The various services contain options to promote your city destination. Combine services, create the perfect promotional mix and get all the benefits!

Investing in your ‘city fame’ in the Netherlands and Belgium is lucrative. The Netherlands is number 16 on the list of major economies. The Netherlands and Belgium together are ranked 14th. Both countries collectively count over 27 million inhabitants and from the airports of Schiphol (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) and Zaventem (Brussels, Belgium), hundreds of destinations are connected. Not yet your destination? Turn to URBN PR for a measurable difference!

Let us make the difference for your destination!

Christian Clerx (1976) is has over 15 years of experience in city promotion, online marketing, apps and other new media. He founded CityZapper one of the major city travel concepts in the Benelux and would like to use his knowledge to promote you destination. Christian embraces the idea that online and social media in combination with apps are the ideal way to promote destinations. Christian is based in Amsterdam.

Bart Giepmans (1977) has over 15 years experience in journalism and tourism marketing. After jobs for EF Eductional Tours, Disneyland Paris, Switzerland Tourism and Deutsche Bahn he decided to fully focus on marketing and pr for travel destinations. His strengths: creativity and convincing people that there’s beauty in every destination. Bart is based in Berlin.