Projects 2015

URBN PR travels through Europe on behalf of visitBerlin

URBN PR developed a unique concept for visitBerlin, a company that has promoted Berlin, Germany as a must-see destination since 1993. This concept worked with products and start-ups from Germany’s capital city, used these as the key ingredient for the creation of pop-up stores, and set them on tour through 5 European metropolis.


Pop into Berlin” has gone to Stockholm, London, Vienna, Amsterdam, and Paris. In our unique and centrally located locations, the Berlin vibe could be found, experienced, and appreciated. More offered than 350 different products from 20 Berlin designers — from innovative and exciting new beer, vodka, coffee, and chocolate to high-end bicycles, jewelry, socks, and even organic/bio makeup! Locals who wanted to have a “piece of Berlin” for them selves greeted the stores with excitement.

Burkhard Kieker, CEO visitBerlin: In close cooperation with URBN PR, visitBerlin could develop a unique Destination marketing concept, which allowed to carry 308 hours authentic Berlin vibes towards the heart of five European cities. With this new form of city marketing, we have aroused interest and enthusiasm, both among our customers and our business partners in the target markets, as well as here in Berlin. The stores were brand ambassador and advertising space for Berlin, a platform for creative products and innovative start-ups and at the same time a hot spot for those who are looking for trends and unique ideas. URBN PR has been essential as a creative director and creative partner in the implementation of the project and realizing to the success of “pop into Berlin”.

In addition to the “traditional store concept,” the central location offered an ideal setting for press and networking events. These resulted in more than 500 visits from B-to-B relationships and journalists!

Numbers & facts, “Pop into Berlin”:

  • 33 days, 308 open hours
  • 30 networking events for B-to-B contacts and media sources
  • 5.125 million views on Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and Vine
  •  21,880 participants on Facebook events

Over 300 articles in print and online with a reach of over 55 million readers

Heidelberg and Mannheim reach ‘Cycling Holland’

Heidelberg and Mannheim won the hearts of cycling fans in the south of The Netherlands, where URBN PR organized a price contest in collaboration with bicycle chain Fietsplus. In all 18 outlets, the two German cities were clearly visible on billboards, flyers, TV screens, as well as in the Fietsplus brochure and Facebook pages. This resulted in more than 1,000 participants and newly acquired email addresses.

Steffen Schmid, chief marketing at Heidelberg Marketing GmbH: We are very pleased that we found an agency for our key target market Netherlands, that provides us with creative, eye-catching concepts and successfully implements them. It’s also a lot of fun to work with the URBN PR team.